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Faculty Q & A

What information is needed to process an adoption for each course?

  • Course Code and Section (example: PSY 105 A)
  • Title
  • Edition
  • Author Name
  • ISBN (please do not provide the ISBN of an instructor's copy)
  • Required, Option, or Recommended? Please indicate a preference. Lack of a citation will result in the assumption that the book is a requirement.

What is the best way to clearly communicate my textbook needs to you?

Through the Faculty Adoption portal or by emailing your adoptions, including the above information to [email protected]

What are the adoption due dates? Why so early? And what is HEOA*?

Generally due dates are April 1, October 1 and November 1.

The Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA)* requires institutions of higher education that receive Federal financial assistance to post verified textbook pricing information for both required and recommended materials for each class. Elizabethtown College is legally obligated to comply with this law and we can only do that with your help. 

Purchasing used books is a top priority and it helps make the cost of an education at Elizabethtown a bit more affordable. The best prices and biggest inventory of used books through the wholesalers should be done as early as possible.

Time is needed to make buying decisions to have a robust “buy back” from students. Buyback or Sellback allows us to offer a better price to students who sell back to the store. In return we eliminate the need to purchase from the publisher or a wholesaler and can pass the savings on to students who buy that book.

What if I am not requiring any books or using the same books as last year?

The Adoption Portal offers a No Course Materials Needed option or you can simply email the textbook manager at [email protected] The portal offers textbook history for each course. If you are using the same textbooks you may want to use the history option when submitting your adoption instead of quick entry.

Can I cancel and/or change my textbook adoption once I submit it?

We hope cancellation or change requests are kept to a minimum, but if they happen, they are handled on an individual basis. From the textbook manager’s perspective, it is assumed that once a textbook adoption is submitted, the variables surrounding the related course offering (who/what/when) are concrete and the syllabus will reflect the identical textbook. The manager then uses the adoption info to make ordering and buying decisions. Changes in adoptions after that point usually result in additional expense incurred by the College Store. Additionally, if a change in adoption happens after the buyback period, the Store also incurs additional expense in the form of dead stock, i.e. books purchased that won’t be sold AND can’t be returned.

I know there is a new edition, can I order old editions to save students money?

We want to save students money, too. However, because of uncertainty in the supply of old editions, there may not be any real “savings” for the students. An old edition usually has no value at buyback. Be advised that if you choose an old edition, there is the possibility we will not be able to provide adequate stock for your students’ needs. We will do our best to inform you of any new editions and to inform you if we foresee a restocking issue with old editions. The decision is always yours, but we want you to be aware of the risks.

Do I need to let you know if I plan to use a course pack or lab manual for my class? or lab manual?

Yes, please let us know. This allows us to plan shelf space, manage students’ course material expectations, and barcode these custom materials for sell in the store. If you are not 100% certain you will produce a course packet or lab manual let us know anyway. If you change your mind you can just let us know. Providing adequate course material costs to students is important.
To create a course packet or lab manual just send an email to the [email protected] Be sure to include a PDF of the materials or follow up with hard copies via drop off or mail services. Please include how many originals there are, how you want them bound, title page colors and if you want covers. We will submit the order to Print Services. These requests should be submitted in a timely manner to allow possible shipping of course materials in one shipment to the student.

What if I need to order supplies for my classes (i.e. sketch books, paint brushes, goggles, graph paper)?

If you intend for your students to purchase their supplies from the College Store, we ask for advance notice so that we have stock available for your students. You can record any supply needs on your response regarding textbooks and we will be sure to get those supplies stocked in the store.

My students told me they can’t find the book they need in the College Store.  Why?

We do not buy to accommodate the total of enrollment unless it is a custom textbook, or the course materials include an access card. We know the College Store is no longer the first-place students go to buy their books. We factor that into our buying decisions, along with historical sales and the possibility of obtaining an old edition from our wholesalers. If a book is not on the shelf when a student needs it, we ask that they submit an order through the ordering portal. When doing this they are securing their copy of the textbook when any order arrives. We place orders for textbooks that are not on the shelves on a daily basis. We strongly encourage students to use the ordering portal to guarantee price and it gives us the ability to properly manage inventory. We want to avoid running out of a title during Book Rush.

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